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Publisher: Bluejack

What's With the Donate?

We're trying a little experiment.

Before we go to a full subscription-based system, or any other form of pay-for-play content control, we thought we'd try sticking a good, old-fashioned donate button on the site, to see what happens.

Here's the good news. If you donate now, any donations you might make will be fully credited to a paid subscription, should we ever end up going that route. Better yet, they will be credited as of the time we institute paid subscriptions, not from the time you make the donation... so even if we don't go to subscriptions until three years from now, and this is the only donation you ever make, it will start your subscription at that time. Pretty good deal!

(And if you make multiple donations over time, they will be added up and the credit combined.)

But why donate?

Donation is easiest for everyone: less overhead for IROSF to develop subscriptions! You pay what you want, not what we ask! People who can pay more "cover" for people who can pay less! It's all good!

I mean, why should I give IROSF my money at all?

Simple: if you think we're offering a valuable service, and you would like to see us keep offering that service, then you might want to help cover our expenses. We pay our authors (although not our editors). We have internet expenses. We have postal expenses. And we have rent to pay on our office. It adds up to about $1000 per month in expenses. That money's got to come from somewhere.

Is it tax deductible?

Err. No. It takes more than not being profitable to be declared a non-profit company. Sorry.

Why not ads?

If donations don't work, maybe we'll do ads. Or maybe we'll go to subscriptions. One thing at a time.

What if I don't like PayPal?

For now: don't donate. PayPal's the easiest to get started with. In the future we might use Amazon donate buttons (but it's harder to know who you are, and to credit your account), or Google payments. But right now? It's PayPal or nuthin.

What if I don't think you're worth it?

Then don't pay. Free market, baby!

What if I think you are worth it, but can't pay?

Then don't pay. Maybe someone else will be generous. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." That's the even-better-than-free-market market (Marxet?) (Also note, Marx got it from those folks he loathed, the Christians, see Acts, 4:34-35). Or maybe it's just good karma. We'll see how it goes.

What if I think information should be free?

Then, I guess you go find authors who think food should be free, and you'll all be happy.

What if I don't like your tone, Mr.?

Join the crowd.

What if I'm tired of reading this stupid faq thing?

Then, maybe you should go donate!