Final Staff

Stacey Janssen

Managing Editor:
Dave Noonan


  • Mishell Baker
  • Bluejack
  • Amy Goldschlager
  • Emily Lupton
  • R. K. MacPherson
  • Scott James Magner
  • Robin Shantz

Copy Editors

  • Sarah L. Edwards
  • Yoon Ha Lee
  • Sherry D. Ramsey
  • Rena Saimoto
  • Paula Stiles


  • Marti McKenna
  • Bridget McKenna


  • Geb Brown

Publisher: Bluejack

Frequently Asked Questions

Will IROSF ever Return?

Never say never, but there are no current plans to bring it back into active publication.

Will the archives be around forever?

No. The earth will one day be a lifeless rock spinning through the uncaring void. Somewhere between now and then, the archives will be taken offline. There are no current plans to do so, and we are committed to keeping them available for at least the duration of 2010.

Can I buy the right to publish IROSF?

No. We are not interested in selling IROSF.

Does this mean the archives are out of copyright and can be reprinted?

No. All copyrights are retained by the author and nothing ever published in IROSF may be reprinted without the author's permission.