HTML Formatting in Forums

Mar 3, 17:59 by Bluejack
There is now facility for some basic html formatting in the forums: Bold and Italic, and also links.

Quoting also!!

BOLD: [ b ] [ /b ] (no spaces)
ITAL: [ i ] [ /i ] (no spaces)
QUOT: [ q ] [ /q ] (no spaces)
LINK: [ a=http://www... ] [ /a ] (no spaces, and link must be absolute).
Mar 3, 18:51 by Bluejack
Also, html entities (ampersand characters, such as ©) should now work. I am still testing the throughput of these characters during edits, and then we'll have posts editable as well.
Mar 4, 21:00 by Chris Dodson
Hey, this is pretty sweet!

I feel like a new man!!!!
Mar 4, 21:04 by Chris Dodson
I feel . . . bolder, somehow.
Apr 24, 17:30 by Elizabeth Thomas
Oddly, so do I...

Bolder, that is...not a new man. ;)
Jun 17, 09:57 by
Hmm... i do not feel the same :d


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