General Feedback

Jun 21, 17:29 by John Frost
What think you of the June Issue?
Jun 21, 19:15 by John Joseph Adams
Damn, if I'd had an article in this issue, you could have had *three* vice-presidential last names (though I probably count for bonus points since my first *and* last name match, though I don't know that my VP would be considered infamous).

Haven't had a chance to peruse the issue yet, but looks like a good lineup!
Jun 24, 07:27 by Bluejack
Yeah, but Vice President Adams was hardly "infamous" -- John would have had to choose a less divisive word. (We received at least two cancellations because of that word choice. People should know better than to make snide political comments in an election year.)
Jun 24, 12:22 by Matthew Cheney
Cancellations?! I'm shocked, shocked! If only they knew what I thought about the guy whose name I'm stuck with...

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