Short Fiction Reviews

May 2, 21:54 by Bluejack
As usual, all discussion of recent short fiction is welcome.

Bluejack's reviews are here.
May 3, 21:53 by Pete Blackwell
Haven't gotten around to reading my copy of F&SF yet. Now, I'm looking forward to 'absorbing' it, thanks to the review.
Jun 5, 19:26 by twosheds
Sorry I'm coming in late on this, but I finally got around to reading F&SF. To say that "Chester" was unfinished is an understatement. I was completely caught up with this story, but the finish (wise-crack from the little girl and a literary wink from the author)left me feeling cheated. The same comment for "Poet Snow." What was the author's point? To poke fun at those obvious endings where the crowd comes to lynch the misunderstood character? Again, as a reader, I feel cheated.
Jun 6, 08:20 by Bluejack
Well, of course not every story is going to please every reader. I never feel cheated if I buy a magazine and run into a couple of stories I don't care for ... only if I don't find any I *do* care for.

Of course, it depends on how much time you spend reading it, too: if I had spent an afternoon on a story people told me was superb, only to end up thinking it was total nonsense, then I would feel cheated.

Was there anything in the issue you did like?

(Other stories in that issue that I might caution people against, if their time is limited and the subject matter doesn't seem like their cup of tea include: Bedfellows (although if you like political satire, and loathe W, and haven't already read satires like this one elsewhere, it may bring a chuckle), Sweetmeats (although some have praised this story), and The Legend of Whiney Man (although apparently some like John Morressy's stories a lot more than I seem to).

In addition to the stories I reviewed, I do also recommend Finlay's tale to those who like a good romp. I don't think it's his best romp, but it's plenty good fun.
Jun 6, 10:07 by twosheds
Agreed, it's a matter of personal preference. For example, I really enjoyed Sweetmeats, The Legend of Whiney Man and the tiger story (I forget the name). I just started the Gist Hunter. Could be I'll love it.

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