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Jun 27, 15:35 by Bluejack
You might not know it by looking at the forums, but IROSF is actually getting a fair bit of traffic and growing pretty rapidly.

We have well over 3,000 subscribers now, although I don't think all of these are regular readers.

In terms of web traffic, we are just ahead of websites such as Strange Horizons and Analog, and way ahead of websites such as Tangent Online, Best SF, and SF-Reader. (And just behind Asimov's with it's ultra-popular forums!) I am using A-9's web-traffic stats, which comes from the Alexa database.
Jun 29, 15:18 by Carey McGee
Do you know how reliable those figures are? It seems like Strange Horizons would certainly get more traffic than us, if only because it's been around longer.
Jun 29, 16:03 by Bluejack
I do not know how accurate those numbers are. Alexa is the only publically available web-traffic stats source I know of, but I believe their stats come from web browsers that have their plug-in installed: how large and how representative that sampling is, I can't say. I like to think it's more than just noise though!
Jun 30, 14:17 by Carey McGee
I don't know how reliable it is as an index of popularity, but we got a mention over at SF Signal's roundup of SF web sites:

The Internet Review of Science Fiction always has some thoughtful discussion but, alas, is published on a monthly schedule.
Jul 4, 11:33 by
Alexa gets it's traffic data from visitors who have actually downloaded and installed the Alexa toolbar so, as an accurate measure of your site's traffic, it's iffy at best. That's one of the reasons that they only graph traffic from sites they report as being in the top 100,000. Those sites are easier to validate statistically. It's more important for Write My Essay For Me & you to track your site's traffic over time using an analysis tool such as Google Analytics, Click Tracks or Visitorville. And raw traffic isn't as important as the percentage of that traffic that converts (takes some action that you want them to take like register, subscribe, purchase, etc.).
Jul 9, 05:15 by
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