The Comic Shop Guy

Jan 9, 21:44 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of the graphic form... or Dotar's interview.

The article is here.
Jan 9, 22:25 by Mahesh Raj Mohan
This is fricking awesome. Planet Comics/Atomik Pop was my weekly pilgrimage on and off from the 80s 'til just a couple of years ago. I've known Bart for ages, and I'm glad the store is still going strong. This article is like a little slice of home...

Thanks for another great article, Dotar!
Jan 11, 07:25 by Dotar Sojat
Glad you liked it. Bart and his shop are, really, sub-cultural icons. And I'll be spending most of my IROSF payment there.

Oh, and I should also shamelessly plug Atomik Pop employee Rob Vollmor's awesome comic BLUESMAN. Neither SF nor F, but no matter, it's got the blues, baby. LEt me take a shot at linking it:



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