WisCon 30

Aug 9, 17:51 by IROSF
A thread to discuss WisCon or Dotar Sojat's coverage.

The article can be found here.
Aug 9, 21:56 by Richard S. Russell
Ahem, not to be totally pedantic here or anything, but ... well, OK, this is totally pedantic. We thrashed this thru for WisCon 20, and it's still true for WisCon 30. It's not the 30th anniversary. If anything, it's the 29th anniversary of WisCon 1. It could only be the 30th anniversary if there were some event right around where WisCon 0 would have been, but there wasn't.

As you were. Carry on. Thanks for the coverage, Dotar. (BTW, you shoulda started with "Horror", done some kind of house-like clue, and waited for the audience to fill in "Amityville"; they were good!)
Aug 10, 09:28 by Bluejack
Ah the old Millenium question. Which is more interesting, nice round numbers or correct accounting of time?
Aug 10, 21:11 by Dotar Sojat
By remarkable coincidence, Salon.com just ran a review of a biography of Alice Sheldon- AKA James Tiptree Junior. The Tiptree award is a central part of WisCon.


Gripping reading!
Aug 29, 18:49 by Dotar Sojat
Just heard about the Harlan Ellison/Connie Willis grope fiasco during the Hugos. A man would be playing with fire with a stunt like that at WisCon.

Just fyi.
Sep 1, 17:00 by Bluejack
Wow. Now I'm *really* sorry I missed the award ceremony... I would love to be able to weigh in on this particular controversy, except every witness seems to tell it differently. Joke gone wrong? Act of public savagery? Demented old man humiliates self and others in public?

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