George Alec Effinger and the Budayeen

Feb 7, 21:19 by IROSF
A thread to discuss the author, or the series, or Justin's review/retrospective.

The article can be found here.
Feb 8, 04:03 by Daniel M. Kimmel
I was a fan and read the novels, but was unaware of the short story collections. Looks like I've got some tracking down to do. Thanks!
Feb 8, 09:29 by Marty Halpern
The two collections mentioned above (with a third, A Thousand Deaths, forthcoming in June) are published by Golden Gryphon Press.

Budayeen Nights contains all the stories Effinger wrote in the world of the Budayeen, including "Word of Night," which was the first two chapters of his proposed fourth Marid novel. This collection, including the title, dedication, and contents, was put together by George himself shortly before his death. He had planned to write story notes as well, but his death intervened, and thus Barbara Hambly wrote the story notes on his behalf. In fact, George was working on a brand new story about Marid's brother (a story he had in mind for many years) when he passed away. Alas, only 2,000 words were written at the time, but these are included in the book. You can read more about this collection, as well as the other two, including contents listings and more at the web site.

These are all great collections, but then I'm prejudiced -- I acquired and edited them for Golden Gryphon!
Marty Halpern
Feb 8, 11:10 by Justin Howe
Wow! Thanks for the information. It was Golden Gryphon's collection Budayeen Nights that made me reread these books (and thereby write this review). So a job well done, and I look forward to A Thousand Deaths.


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