To Bluejack, on Reviews

Feb 8, 04:49 by Brian Malone
I feel your pain, and would like to help, but a big problem is that unless you're on the list to get the ARC's of the up and coming books, then the reviews that an ordinary reader can produce seem like yesterday's news.
Feb 8, 08:55 by Niall Harrison
I strongly disagree, Brian -- to the point where I would say that a more relaxed attitude to timeliness works in favour of the sort of in-depth, contextualised reviews IROSF is aiming for. As a comparison, in its January 2007 issue, the New York Review of SF (the most respected critical outlet in the genre at the moment, I would hazard) published among other things reviews of Tim Pratt's debut novel (2005), Kelly Link's Magic for Beginners (ditto), and an anthology of supernatural fiction from 2000. That's an extreme, and the rest of the issue's reviews are of 2006 books, but it makes the point, I think.
Feb 9, 08:07 by Brian Malone
Well, maybe I should say it's a big problem for me, though I'll take your comments to heart. I'd love to do an in-depth review and critique of Ink once it becomes available here on Feb. 27th (my inner geek requires matching covers, and therefore I cannot order the UK edition). So, perhaps you'll see that in your submission box in a few weeks, if I can manage to say anything intelligent.
Feb 11, 12:09 by Bluejack
Naturally, we would like to have some more "current" reviews; and that will definitely be part of our push.

Now that we have a number of volunteers, many of whom with excellent credentials, we may be able to hit publishers up for advance reader copies and do a little more of that.

However, Niall's point remains: IROSF isn't planning on getting into the comprehensive capsule-review kind of coverage, but rather aiming for deeper, more analytic reviews.
Feb 16, 13:04 by Brian Malone
Okay, I'm going to bite, send you my just-finalized review and then another when Ink comes out here.
Jun 17, 09:56 by
That is very interesting


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