The Final Issue

Feb 11, 05:12 by IROSF
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Feb 11, 16:10 by Philip Kaldon
Thank you and everyone involved with IROSF -- it <i>has</i> been a good run. One that I enjoyed reading every month.

Good luck to all!

Dr. Phil
Feb 11, 17:15 by Terry Dawson
Thanks to all. It's been enjoyable, informative, entertaining & thought-provoking. You'll be missed!

Feb 11, 18:07 by b. lynch black
i will miss my monthly dose or intelligent discussion and criticism... good luck in all the other endeavors that the writers, editors and creative talents may go on to.
Feb 11, 20:44 by Constance Ash
Thanks to all of you and your excellent work bringing us IROSF regularly. It and you will be missed.

All best fortunes go with you all into your next ventures.

Love, C.
Feb 13, 14:46 by Terry Grignon
How can we go on?

We may know where we have been
or at least all that we've seen
and we hopefully know where we are
around a 4.5 billion year star
But how we go on?
Without IRoSF done?

Without the future.
Feb 13, 20:13 by Bluejack

Um... thanks. I don't actually think we were quite that crucial to the future!
Feb 15, 18:35 by Piechur
Thanks a lot to all of you. IRoSF was definitely one of my favourite websites.
Feb 18, 14:15 by LaShawn Wanak
Thanks so much. I truly enjoyed the articles here. Best of luck with your future endeavors.
Feb 18, 19:39 by Stacey Janssen
I just want to thank everyone for the kind words and the well-wishes. It's the support we got from all of you that I think I'll miss the most. :)
Apr 3, 06:01 by
This is the first message I have written - found you when I was a grad student, & trying to do some critical writing about science fiction of my own. As you can see, I only lurked & read - but then being a student, there was often precious little time for that! I will miss y'all, however, and all the excellent work you were home to. RIP, IRoSF!!
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