Here We Go Again

Feb 11, 05:23 by IROSF

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Feb 11, 15:14 by Ellen Datlow
Hi Kris,
Actually Baen's Universe was not "one of the first online magazines to pay well and get excellent fiction;"-not by a long shot.
Maybe the 5th?

OMNI Online,
Event Horizon
Strange Horizons

Those were the first.
Feb 11, 19:16 by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Okay. I thought I had it covered with "one of the first." How's "one of the first 5"? <VBG>

Feb 12, 15:26 by Ralan Conley
Not to forget Oceans of the Mind (Winter 2001-Spring 2006), which while not a SFWA qualified market, did pay a minimum of 6 cents per word and published on a perfect quarterly schedule. It fell short in the circulation part of the SFWA equation.

Good luck to all the IROSF staff. You did a great job and will be missed.
Feb 12, 20:37 by Ellen Datlow
Also Infinite Matrix :-)
Feb 13, 16:00 by Sean Wallace
Do we count CHIZINE?
Feb 13, 23:11 by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Okay, I give. How about "an e-market that paid well"? <VBG>
Feb 14, 00:23 by Bluejack
lol. who knew *that* was going to be the controversy this month?
Feb 14, 01:10 by Sean Wallace
It just seemed like very odd claims, the entire paragraph, but compounded by an almost-disregard for anything before BAEN'S UNIVERSE, both in terms of pay, and in terms of quality, suggesting that there was neither in existence. And of course there were plenty of online zines around before BU. :p
Feb 16, 21:07 by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
What's wrong with that paragraph, Sean? Either a magazine does well or it doesn't. Very few magazines, online or in print, last forever. Context. Did you read the entire essay? Aren't you connected to Prime Books? Isn't Prime Books behind Lightspeed Magazine? Wasn't there a compliment for your project in this? Will Prime Books and Lightspeed be around in ten years? I sure hope so. But there are no guarantees. Will they be remembered? Certainly.

Jeez, folks, get a grip.
Oct 6, 16:51 by Richie
We still waiting for the essay


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