The History of Matter Transmission

Feb 11, 05:25 by IROSF

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Feb 17, 20:02 by Michael Andre-Driussi
Interesting article.

I believe there were teleport booths in the 1930s serial "Buck Rogers." These are glass booths within the Hidden City, and while they teleport people from booth to booth, they only replace elevators in this regard. Talk about a mundane use! (I don't think these booths made the cut when the serial was re-edited as the motion picture "Planet Outlaws," but maybe I'm wrong.)

I'm a big fan of "Forbidden Planet" (1956), and Rodenberry was clearly influenced by a lot of elements in that movie. But to me, the glass "transition tubes" of the starship are part of the "flying saucer tech" package. They seem to show up in "This Island Earth" (1955), and later on in the UFO/paranoia TV show "The Invaders" (1967-68). The kick of this for "Forbidden Planet" is that Earth obviously built the same sort of "flying saucer tech" on their own, thus raising the "wonder" bar to that high level, only to top it with the mysterious Krell.
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