During the year 2017, a German series was launched by Netflix that includes the genre of suspense, science fiction and drama, identified as Dark, which is masterfully directed by Baran bo Odar, as the support of the famous producer Jantje Fiese.

It is a series that has captivated the viewer, keeping him in constant reflection and always waiting for an explanation for each of the events that take place in the form of puzzles, which lead him to have a complex narrative structure, formed for a fiction full of mystery and symbolism.

This is very attractive to Dark’s audience and is what has led us to create this post, so that you can discover everything this series has to offer you online; enjoy it.

How does Dark develop?

The series is launched within the Netflix universe on December 1, 2017, consisting of 26 episodes through three seasons; being the last one launched on June 27, 2020.

The plot starts from its first chapter and keeps you hooked on it until the end of its third season, going through a series of events like the ones we mention below:

First season

You will begin enjoying the enigma of travel through time; experiencing a series of events that link situations and expose events from the past.

After the death of Michael Kahnawald his son Jonas begins to suffer his loss and wish to find answers; even more so when some young people disappear from the town of Winden without explanation.

To find answers, Jonas travels through time, discovering that one of the missing youths was his father. But Jonas continues to travel in time and when he reaches the year 2052, he finds the city of Winden completely devastated.

Second season

During this season Jonas faces the apocalypse; while trying to go back to the past to avoid this disaster that unfolds during the year 2020; but it is no longer possible for him to travel in time.

Finally he discovers that everything that happened is a consequence of his own actions; looking to unite the past, present and future.


Third season

Jonas manages to travel back to the city of Winden, but it is completely different from what he knew, as it is a new parallel world. In it he does not exist, but continues to present the disappearance of a young man who has marked the lives of the inhabitants of this town.

The season unfolds around three different centuries, within which the inhabitants of Winden seek to change their tragic destiny.

Dark characters

The Dark series is developed through time travel, in order to change events within the city of Winden; within which live several interconnected families, who have important roles that will determine the future of humanity.

The families of the town of Winden who are involved in all the events are:

• Kahnwalds, with Emerging the main character of the plot identified as Jonas Kahnawald and accompanied with Hannah Kahnwald as his mother and also Ines Kahnwald, who will represent his adoptive mother and grandmother.
• Nielsens, as characters like Katharina Nielsen the mother, the father Ulrich Nielsen his daughter Martha Nielsen and the eldest son Magnus Nielsen and the grandmother Jana Nielsen; in addition to other characters such as Tronte Nielsen, Agnes Nielsen.
Tiedemanns, with parents Regina and Aleksander Tiedemann, their son Bartosz Tiedemann and other characters such as the police officer Egon Tiedmann who is in charge of investigating the disappearances in the town.
• Dopplers, led by parents Charlotte and Peter Doppler, with the eldest daughter Franziska Doppler, while the youngest is known as Elisabeth Doppler.

Besides all these Jonas characters; who is also identified as Adam within the timeline, will meet a priest named Noah who will work with him to cause the apocalypse, in order to achieve the birth of a new lot, within which time does not exist.