Science fiction movies are a cinematographic genre that is very attractive to many viewers, since they are about themes within which the narration of imaginary phenomena is carried out.

Most of them are stories of events and beings created through the hand of the writer, to capture the attention of the audience, based on time travel, spaceships, robots or extraterrestrial beings; all wrapped in a plot that captivates the viewer from the beginning to see each of these films.

Not all of them can be considered as box office; So we have dedicated this post, to let you know which of the science fiction films are the ones that attract the largest number of audiences, within movie theaters.

The best science fiction porno movies

There are many science fiction films that over the years have been released in theaters; But only some of them have achieved incredible sales records at the box office, thanks to their content and theme; as is the case of the following:


This film has been part of the history of the science fiction genre since 1927; as part of the creative genius of Fritz Lang. It has a series of messages of a political nature and technical advances, incredible for its time, such as the robotics MarĂ­a or the way in which men work inside their machines.


This science fiction film directed by James Cameron, left its mark on a large number of viewers, who were fans of Terminator. A cinematographic work that in principle many could not understand in terms of its travel in time; But they certainly enjoyed seeing the power that this robot of the future contained and its relentless search for Sarah Connor.

sci-fi movies

Odyssey in space

During the year of 1968, science fiction began to focus on space issues; at this moment from the hand of director Kubrick, presenting how a computer can impose its will on humans to direct this odyssey through space.

Alien, the eighth passenger

You will surely remember this movie that was released in 1979; within which science fiction was mixed with terror through the alien beings created by Hans Ruedi Giger.

The truth is that the whole plot takes place inside a spaceship; but through a plot that manages to catch the audience through the panic that is unleashed in it, and knowing the life of each of its crew members.

The Empire Strikes Back

Surely you are one of those who have grown up watching this incredible saga; enjoying each of his films, all of them blockbuster; created thanks to the imagination of Geoge Lucas.

With her, you have lived moments of romance and emotion as you see how the life of each of its characters unfolds over time; while on the other hand you have been able to enjoy spectacular cinematographic effects, undoubtedly a classic that you will see again at any other time.

Return to the future

We close this post with another of the science fiction films that in a short time reached a record sale at the cinema box office. It was released during 1985 and still captivates all those who have the opportunity to see it.

Made by the genius of director Steven Spielberg, within which he demonstrated how you can captivate the public’s attention, offering them an entertaining film through which it is shown how the alteration of acts both in the future and in the past, create consequences on life in the present.

Without a doubt, science fiction films are usually subjects within which film directors can let their imagination run wild and with this make viewers enjoy each of their films.