Through this article, you will be introduced to the fabulous world of science fiction, what science fiction novels consist of and what are currently the best science fiction novels.

Science fiction

It is considered as the art of the possible. This is a literary genre that emerged in the 1920s, characterized by creating imaginary and futuristic scenarios, based on assumptions or real events supported by science.

It differs from the fantasy literary genre, since science fiction is based on science (physics, chemistry, biology) and technology. In contrast, the fantastic is based on magic.

Characteristics of science fiction

It has set a trend for the pleasure it causes when dealing with issues that cause general concern in society. Among its main features you can find:

  • The technology used exists or is under development.
  • It seeks to generate greater impact through a smaller amount of text, so as not to bore the reader with a tedious and heavy narration.
  • It brings you closer to a pattern, which determines whether the narration is real or imaginary.
  • The characters are fictitious or do not yet exist or are known.
  • Futuristic, imaginary and innovative environments.
  • Scientific and technological support.
  • They generate continuity, so much so that most become sagas.
  • They must present an approach to reality (verisimilitude).
  • They present geographic versatility, based on the experiences of the authors.
  • They are educational and creative.
  • They always claim a social criticism.

Science fiction novels

They are pioneers of science fiction films and plays, although you should know that these have had a greater boom and importance than the last mentioned. Many consider this expression as the literature of the future.

The first science fiction novel, some authors claim, was The Chemical Wedding, published in 1616 by Johann Valentin. In contrast, other authors point out that it was Frankestein published in 1818 by Mary Shelley.

science fiction novels

The best science fiction novels

Over time, the following have been labeled the top 10 science fiction novels:

  1. The Foundation trilogy: Created by Isaac Asimov, its plot is based on the dispersion of humanity in the galaxy, a product of the decay on earth by persuaded radioactivity.
  2. The Dune Trilogy: It was created by Frank Herbert, based on the efforts of royalty to acquire species from distant planets. This saga is joined by a long list of titles that complement it, in which other writers participated.
  3. 1984: Written by George Orwell, based on the total control of the media to control society, in the word as a political weapon and in the language as conventional law, established by the government. It symbolizes totalitarianism.
  4. I am a Legend: Written by Richard Matheson, it is based on a story of pure horror, with the presence of vampires, created thanks to a virus. This is how it falls into the science fiction category. Only one survivor of this plague remains here.
  5. The Songs of Hyperion: Written by Dan Simmons, it reflects the future of humanity when it has colonized various planets from space and their movement. In turn, 7 pilgrims come to Hyperion to seek to recreate a religious rite that brings hope and through valuable secrets, gives the key to avoid the possible and threatening apocalypse.
  6. Frankestein: Written by Mary Shelley, based on the creation of a being called Frankestein, with parts of the corpses of other people, which were brought to life through an experiment by Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The scientist initially sought the resurrection of his beloved girlfriend.
  7. Brave New World: Written by Aldous Huxley, it presents a futuristic world in which the worst prophecies have been fulfilled, where the world revolves around comfort, appearance and consumption.
  8. Ubik: Written by Philip Dick, based on a deep social criticism, where he attacks technological advances, making it clear that the protagonists do not fight the system but that they suffer it individually.
  9. Solaris: Written by Stanislaw Lem, its plot consists of studying the behavioral problems of a crew located in the only observatory on the planet. On Solaris there is no land, the only suspected existence of an ocean with life and intelligence.
  10. Ender’s saga: written by Orson Scott Card, in this saga humanity seeks to combat a massive and annihilating attack by aliens, with the appearance of insects.