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Dec 26, 09:36 by Bluejack
So, for the past... oh, nine months or so... I've been meaning to start upgrading the functionality of IROSF. Here are my top three requests:

(1) Available in some ebook formats.
(2) Control display name in forums.
(3) Web TV accessability.

I also want to make articles more findable (list by category, etc., -- not just archived issues), list articles under an author page, add some searchability to the site, and stuff like that.

Any other particulars anyone would be interested in?

May 2, 02:19 by Christina Francine
Just wondering if you could make the articles, interviews, reviews, essays, and anything else featured in each issue print friendly? I like to print pieces I want to read out and read it on breaks at work, in bed, or while riding in a car. As it is now, when printed, part of the material is off the page, doesn't show up.

May 2, 09:46 by Bluejack
Good suggestion, LadyCat. That should be possible!
May 4, 17:54 by Bluejack
Printable Version now exists!

In the top right corner of each article is a link to a printable version of that article. I have not extensively tested its printability from all browsers, nor have comprehensively verified that all possible formatting tricks we use in the web version are covered in the printable version.

If you happen to stumble across an article that doesn't look right or doesn't print right, please send all details to me through the contact form.

Thanks for the suggestion, LadyCat!

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